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Pole Saws

Having gained a reputation by professional users as the toughest and fastest cutting saws in the world, one of Silky’s specialties is the most thorough line of fixed and extending polesaws ever available. Lightweight yet rigid, these tools are tipped with the most sought after steel blades in the forestry business. There’s simply no substitute for specially formulated Japanese steel ground to absolute cutting perfection.

Pole Saws


Available in telescoping sections that are replaceable in the event of …well, try not to find out. Take care in cutting manageable-sized overhead branches and maintain an escape route for both you and the tool.


Although not considered “non-conductive” this new Silky addition is quickly gaining in popularity among workers who operate “close” to energized conductors. Hollow fiberglass is susceptible to moisture containment and therefore could conduct electricity, but, like fiberglass ladders, is a material of choice over metal by those in the know.